The Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments assists local governments with planning to address individual community and regional needs. Our staff is available to assist with projects ranging from a single targeted community issue to the development of a comprehensive city plan to a strategic and comprehensive plan for the entire region.

Staff can provide technical assistance services such as:

  • Community and strategic planning facilitation
  • Economic development studies
  • Mapping assistance- including GIS data layers, utility mapping, etc.
  • Public meeting facilitation
  • Research and analysis
  • Planning and zoning activities
  • Income surveys

Transportation Planning

The Regional Council offers professional transportation planning assistance to member governments in the form of comprehensive and strategic plans, GIS and Mapping assistance, road safety assessments, corridor studies and can provide traffic counter and speed monitoring for communities, as requested.

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Since 1996, the Regional Council has partnered with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to plan transportation initiatives in Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway, and Worth Counties. Each year, with MoDOT's cooperation, these planning activities help ensure northwest Missouri's transportation system remains safe and efficient. The Regional Council aims to improve every person's transportation experience by partnering with MoDOT, local elective officials, and the public.

In order to meet the goal set forth by the Regional Council, the Regional Planner must execute a year long work plan. The tasks included in this work plan, along with quarterly Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings, provide an outlet for MoDOT officials to gather input from the public. Public input is then considered in the planning process when discussing future projects.

The Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments has served as a leading voice for local planning efforts and firmly believes it serves as an important link between its localities and MoDOT. If you have any questions about transportation projects occurring locally, or need information, please do not hesitate to contact the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments at (660) 582-5121. To report any highways that need attention, please call 1-888-ASK-MODOT.

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Transportation Advisory Committee Board Members
Transportation Advisory Committee Board Officers
Gary Carlson Chairman
Regan Nonneman Vice Chairman
Atchison County
Curtis Livengood County
Jim Quimby County
Michael Klosek, Jr. Tarkio
Gentry County
Gary Carlson County
Kathy Morgan Albany
Bruce Johnson Stanberry
Holt County
Mark Sitherwood County
David Carroll Oregon
Carla Markt County (non-voting)
Hugh Wallace Mound City
Nodaway County
Chris Burns County
Jack Baldwin Hopkins
C. E. Goodall Maryville
Robert Stiens County (non-voting)
Worth County
Regan Nonneman County
Ted Findley
Jim Fletchall Grant City

GIS & Mapping

The primary goal of the GIS Mapping services is to utilize Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve services, and empower the public with better access to tools and information. GIS adds a visual element to much of the information the Regional Council manages on a daily basis. This capability can prove effective for illustrating information graphically, revealing patterns or trends, or as a tool to assist with land management. 

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Maps are a fundamental tool in community development planning. Increasingly, today's decision-makers are required to know more about a variety of topics in their respective communities. A working GIS program can provide important data in an easy-to-understand graphic format about many different aspects of a community. The Regional Council is committed to providing its member communities with this powerful decision-making tool by providing high-quality maps and available data layers. A map serves as a planning tool that puts consistent information in all decision-makers' hands. A GIS however not only allows everyone involved in the decision making process to visualize important information, but also facilitates decisions by providing an immediate link between that visual information and the community data that is so vital in the planning process. 

For additional information about services the Regional Council can provide communities using GIS, GPS, or other cartographic products, contact the Regional Council to discuss its applicability for your community. All cost estimates for GIS mapping are a free service provided to member communities.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Hazard Mitigation Plans help northwest Missouri develop working mitigation strategies through the provision of such information to the public, establishing partnerships, and encouraging all interested parties throughout the counties to develop their own mitigation techniques.

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Mitigation is the means by which business and residential development can reduce the impacts of a disaster if action is taken before the event occurs. The first action that is necessary to reduce the effects of a disaster is the preparation and implementation of a mitigation strategy.

This plan attempts to coordinate, harmonize, and facilitate disaster planning in northwest Missouri. In order for it be successfully implemented, the plan must be periodically reviewed and updated as circumstances and technological capabilities advance. Adoption of this plan is not the end, but the beginning of a long-term commitment to disaster mitigation.

Currently, all five of the Region's counties have FEMA approved Hazard Mitigation Plans.

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